We are proud and honored to welcome you to our third local GIN Conference. Colegio Bolívar is a private and international school located in the city of Cali, Colombia. Our main mission is to contribute to the education of ethical and competent citizens of the world, who count with great potential.

What is GIN?

Global Issues Network (GIN) is an international organization of students that aims to promote globalization, raise awareness of the social responsibility of “global citizens,” and develop solutions for modern issues. This program is powered by schools and universities around the world.

What is a GIN Conference?

GIN conferences are a network of local GIN change-makers working with their community to create positive change on an international, national or local scale. GIN Conferences are student-led, organized gatherings. They are a reunion of school communities.

We ask students to become familiar with the ideologies of social movement leaders, who have created lasting changes.  Students will come to see that successful leaders are those who truly understand their community and its needs.