Migracion Colombia

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While in Colombia, all foreigners must be registered aliens with the government office known as Migracion Colombia. You will receive your ID card known as a "cedula de extranjeria" from this office. The process is relatively simple and will be coordinated through the Administrative Assistant, Olga Patiņo.

Within your first week in the country, you will be given an appointment and taken to Migracion Colombia. As document requirements for the cedula are constantly changing, you should check with Olga before going, and she will tell you what you will need to bring, although you will need, at least, your original passport, blood type, and some photos (we'll take care of these for you).

While you are waiting for your cedula, you will need to carry a photocopy of your passport and Colombian visa; DO NOT carry the original. We will help you with this process. Once you do receive your cedula (anywhere from two weeks plus), you must carry it with you at all times. If the police stop you without your cedula, it will be a problem.

You need not carry your passport, and, in fact, that is considered risky. The only time that you need to carry your ORIGINAL CEDULA and PASSPORT would be if you are traveling OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

  • A WORD TO THE WISE: When traveling out of the country, remember to have your passport stamped both coming and going (i.e. 4 stamps, including the stamps from the country of origin). If not, there will be a fine when you prepare your new visa.  (The most important stamps to have in your passport are those of Immigration when leaving and entering Colombia.)

In addition, it is important that Immigration be notified within 5 days if you change your address. Again, this may be done through the Administrative Assistant, Olga Patiņo.

Last Updated Thursday January 26, 2017