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    June 20th - July 2nd 2016

    Social Service

    Sinergia: summer vacation for kids from low-income sectors.
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    June 19th 2016

    Closing Ceremonies

    Images of the different closing ceremonies of each grade.
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    June 18th 2016

    Homecoming 2016

    The traditional annual gathering of our Alumni.
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    May 12th 2016

    Language Day

    Secretary's Day & Language Day in Preprimary
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    April 30th 2016

    Farmers Market

    Photo Gallery of the Fourth Farmers Market
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    March 18th 2016

    Spirit Week

    The Bolivar's spirit in every instance!
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    March 15th 2016

    Poetry Festival

    We just turned forty three years celebrating the verse!
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    March 10th 2016

    Summer Camps

    Enrich your children’s’ summer experiences!
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    March 5th 2016

    Bolivar Day

    The Bolívar Community integrated into one single event.
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    February 4th 2016

    Bolivar Athletes

    2015-2016 first Semester outstanding students.
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    January 25th 2016

    Escuela de Deportes

    CB students come and be part of our Escuela de Deportes.
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    December 2015

    December 2015

    The Colegio Bolívar celebrates in Community.
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    December 11th 2015

    Los Mejores

    CB was recognized twice at the event "Noche de los Mejores"!
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    November 24th 2015


    A day where the true spirit of Colegio Bolivar shines!
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    October 28th 2015

    Honor Society

    Images of the Honor Society Ceremony at Colegio Bolívar.
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    October 30th 2015

    Halloween 2015

    October 30th was a magical day at school!
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    September 2015

    Student Council

    Know the elected Student Council & Representatives 2015.
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    September 25th 2015

    Integration Picnic

    El Nido children in a delicious picnic with their grandparents.
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    September 18th 2015

    Integration Night

    Parents and children enjoying various activities in Preprimary!
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    August 31st 2015

    New School Year

    A new school year to enjoy and learn in Community!

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