Our mission is to educate its students in a bilingual, democratic environment to be autonomous, to demonstrate a spirit of inquiry and collaboration, to uphold a commitment to excellence, and to maintain the highest aspirations for the welfare of both the individual and society.

We want the values we live at Colegio Bolivar, framed in our mission, to transcend and positively impact society, and to make a difference.

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    En el Colegio Bolívar aprendí a pensar, a leer entre líneas, a cuestionar planteamientos, y sobre todo, como enfrentar desafíos y obstáculos.
    Joan Manuel Poggio ‘94

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    The most valuable aspect of the school’s education is the outstanding learning environment with the best teachers and the opportunity to pursue each student's learning interests.
    Juan Guillermo Albarracin Dierolf ‘02

  • The school is an extension and compliment to your home education. We learned social skills, self-worth, empathy and our own potential. Life isn't all about academics, one has to find the balance of knowledge & service to become a good citizen.
    Carla Ravassa ‘71

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