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We will be posting regularly on this site, and sending you via email, a publication that the National Association for Elementary School Principals (NAESP) edits in the States, which will bring lots of useful tips for you to keep in mind. If you have any questions or comments about it, or about any other related topic, do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. David Fayad
Primary Principal
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Historical Archive Tips For Parents Newsletter

The link list below contains the historical archive (in chronological order) of the Tips For Parents newsletter sent throughout this academic year.

26-09-2014 | Encourage Your Child’s Creativity to Flourish
01-09-2014 | Effective Homework Help

Bolívar Community News

  • Community News
    February 28th 2015

    Poetry Festival

    Again, 9 bilingual schools of Cali, celebrating the verse!
  • Community News
    February 9th 2015

    Muni Jensen

    Awarded the "Rey de España" Journalism Prize.
  • Community News
    December 19th 2014

    Andrés Ramirez

    Class of 2007 considered "Mejor Graduando".
  • Community News
    December 2014

    December 2014

    The Colegio Bolívar celebrates in Community.
  • Community News
    November 27th 2014


    A day where the true spirit of Colegio Bolivar shines!
  • Community News
    November 19th de 2014

    Halloween El Nido

    ¡The Halloween celebration was fun at El Nido!
  • Community News
    September 2014

    Love & Friendship

    El Nido children in a delicious picnic with their grandparents.
  • Community News
    October 31th 2014

    Halloween 2014

    October 31th was a magical day at school!
  • Community News
    October 2014

    Honor Society

    Images of the Honor Society Ceremony at Colegio Bolívar.
  • Community News
    September 2014

    Student Council

    Know the elected Student Council & Representatives 2014.
  • Community News
    September 2014

    Integration Night

    Parents and children enjoying various activities in Preprimary!
  • Community News
    September 22nd to 26th 2014

    Spirit Week

    The Bolivar's spirit in all its manifestations!
  • Community News
    August 26th 2014

    Athletic Weekends

    CB students come and be part of our Escuela de Deportes.
  • Community News
    August 21th 2014

    School Year 2014

    Pictures of El Nido, Preprimary, Primary and High School!
  • Community News
    August 18th 2014

    Augmented Reality!

    Check this years’ agenda and discover Augmented Reality!
  • Community News
    June 17th-27th 2014

    Social Service

    Sinergia: summer vacation for kids from low-income sectors.
  • Community News
    June 7th 2014

    Seniors 2014

    Colegio Bolivar Class of 2014. Congratulations!
  • Community News
    May 23th 2014

    Sports Day

    A day of fun activities and integration in Preprimary!
  • Community News
    May 21st 2014

    SACS Soccer 2014

    Primary students celebrating sports at El Cerrejón.
  • Community News
    May 15th 2014

    Colombia Fair

    A celebration of students’ knowledge about Colombia!
  • Community News
    March 1st 2014

    Bolivar Day

    This year’s Bolivar Day: a massive success in many ways!

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