Photo Gallery

Welcome to the High School photo gallery.

The Colegio Bolivar High School is a very special environment for our students to prepare for university and enjoy the several activities and opportunities that we offer.

This photo gallery includes pictures from school trips, sports days, spirit week, as well as additional events shared in our High School.

Throughout the gallery, it is quite evident that our students truly enjoy their experience at Colegio Bolívar and consistently demonstrated qualities of excellence, collaboration and community spirit.

Matthew Shannon
High School Principal

Bolívar Community News

  • Noticias de la Comunidad
    April 11th 2014

    Library Renewal

    Civil works in the Library will affect traffic flow in our School.
  • Noticias de la Comunidad
    March 31st 2014

    Juanita Nieto '00

    Brand Manager for Just Cavalli, & one of the "100 Colombians".
  • Noticias de la Comunidad
    March 10th 2014

    Spirit Week

    Enjoy the Spirit of Bolivar Community in images.
  • Noticias de la Comunidad
    March 1st 2014

    Bolivar Day

    This year’s Bolivar Day: a massive success in many ways!
  • Community News
    February 28th 2014

    Poetry Festival

    Again, 9 bilingual schools of Cali, celebrating the verse!
  • Noticias de la Comunidad
    December 13th 2013

    December 2013

    The Colegio Bolívar celebrates in Community.
  • Community News
    November 20th2013


    A day where the true spirit of Colegio Bolivar shines!
  • Community News
    October 31th 2013

    Halloween 2013

    October 31th was a magical day at school!
  • Community News
    October 24th 2013

    Honor Society

    Images of the Honor Society Ceremony at Colegio Bolívar.
  • Community News
    September 25th 2013

    Student Council

    Know the elected Student Council & Representatives 2013.
  • Community News
    October 9th 2013

    Escudos del Alma

    Our ABC Program participated in this great event.
  • Community News
    September 27th 2013

    Integration Night

    Parents and children enjoying various activities in Preprimary!
  • Community News
    September 17th 2013

    Athletic Weekends

    CB students come and be part of our Escuela de Deportes.
  • Community News
    August 21st 2013

    New School Year

    El Nido, Preprimary, Primary, & Secondary pictures!
  • Community News
    June 8th 2013

    Seniors 2013

    Colegio Bolivar Class of 2013. Congratulations!

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