In Primary, we wish to instill in our students the following Lifelong Guidelines or Lifeskills (S. Kovalic): Respect, Personal Best, Active Listening, Truthfulness, and Trustworthiness. We always want to broaden our focus of values reinventing ways of working around them.

We want children to develop the capacity to reflect, make decisions, and assume consequences in their personal and community life. They need to internalize that mutual respect is based on the capacity to understand, accept, and value others as primary requisites for living in a peaceful society.

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Students: 332

Staff: 2 counselors, 18 homeroom teachers, 4 Spanish/Social Studies teachers, 6 fulltime special area teachers (Art, French, Information and Communication Technologies-ICT, Music, and 2 Physical Education-P.E.), 1 NES (New English Speakers) teacher, 2 assistants (2nd grade and Science Lab), 2 part-time teachers (Religion and Dance), 2 librarians and 5 Learning Support Services resource teachers (shared with Pre-Primary), 1 secretary, and 1 office clerk.

Principal: Robin Perskie

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