In Primary, we have two counselors: Adriana Patiño (2nd and 3rd grades) and Natalia Remolina (4th and 5th grades). Their role as counselors include such tasks as:

  • Assisting in the orientation for parents, new students and teachers.
  • Organizing conferences and workshops for parents on relevant concerns/issues.
  • Providing support for staff on values education.
  • Cooperating with ASOPADRES to unify parent support and community spirit.
  • Maintaining case records and files on all referred students, respecting the confidentiality of the information.
  • Maintaining resources that support the values program.
  • Providing counseling for individuals and small groups.
  • Giving immediate support to students facing personal problems related to home and school.
  • Assisting in the entrance admissions process.
  • Coordinating the sex education and substance abuse prevention programs.
  • Working jointly with Learning Support Services staff to help process referrals for internal or external intervention and participate in the parent teacher conferences.

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