Principal's Corner

In the 2017-2018 school year, we invite our community to continue make our Bolivar values seen, heard, and felt, and our slogan is “Everyone, every class, everywhere”. Respect, integrity, personal best, curiosity, autonomy and responsibility, sense of Bolivar community, and social commitment flow through our reflections, decisions, and actions. As we celebrate these 70 years, we cherish the beloved memories of our community in the past and continuously contribute to the construction of vibrant community in the present.

As the school year begins, our teachers have been studying, preparing, and working together to assure best practice in their classrooms and just naturally model a learning lifestyle. We will be launching a new focus in Writing Workshop to help our students experience the challenge, creativity, and joy of writing. This is deeply connected to what we do in Reading as well as other content areas.

We have set aside several opportunities in the year to share more information about our section and our goals. Our true north will always be what we understand to be best for the child, not just as a student, and we await the collaboration of our families and other stakeholders in our work for the Bolivar mission.

With affection and excitement,
Robin Perskie

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