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Ver más César Caicedo

“César Caicedo, Class of 1987, president of Colombina, has consolidated a robust operation that has not only reached new markets but also includes a broader portfolio. Colombina is a company with a family legacy of almost 100 years and continues to prosper despite the downturn in the economy”. Extracted from Forbes, Colombia Nov. 8, 2022

César Caicedo
Class of 1987
Ver más Christian Urazán

Christian has dedicated part of his professional practice to companies generating value as Developers of Circular Economy Ecosystems in Latin America. In this interview, he shares his vision of the environmental future of the planet and the challenges that companies in Latin America must take on in order to bet on sustainability, and explains the new approach to productive development that the circular economy proposes.

Christian Urazán
Class of 1993
Ver más Mariana Caicedo

Developing the Region

Mariana coordinates the external affairs area and manages the ‘Compromiso Valle’ Program of ProPacífico, a leading foundation dedicated to promoting high-impact projects that contribute to the development of Valle del Cauca and the Pacific Region, in alliance with public and private entities.

Mariana Caicedo
Class of 2000
Ver más Sebastián Gómez

Co-founder of Reservamos, digital entrepreneurship in the area of Transportation in Mexico. 🌏
“During my master’s studies in the United States, the bus became an ally to transport me from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology University to my home or New York, where I had relatives. It was a practical, simple and comfortable way to travel.”

Sebastián Gómez
Class of 2003
Ver más Hamed Correa Arbab

Hamed’s vision is to increase the number of hotels under the Alko Hotels brand, with the parallel goal of contributing to the socio-economic well-being of more families.

Hamed Correa Arbab
Class of 2006
Ver más María Juliana Tafur

Juliana graduated with honors from Northwestern University, in Chicago, with a double major in journalism and history. She pursued documentary filmmaking to have an impact with her work. Juliana’s work comes at a time of heightened division and polarization across the world, where the need to unite and bridge people across differences couldn’t be greater. She also recently gave a TEDX talk, titled “Listening Courageously Can Bridge What Divides Us” and is one of 12 leaders worldwide who are part of the 2021-2022 Obama Scholars cohort at Columbia University.

María Juliana Tafur
Class of 2003
Ver más Natalia Betancourt Rodríguez

“I thought I was going to stay in Colombia and go to a university and study medicine because my passion is saving lives and keeping people healthy,” says Betancourt. “But I’ve noticed with the passing of time that, although it’s a wonderful career, there’s a ton of doctors out there already. If I worked to be a doctor, I could only treat patient by patient. If I go into public health, or a similar career, I could impact thousands of people.”

Natalia Betancourt Rodríguez
Class of 2020
Colegio Bolivar Campus
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