Academic Continuity Plan

This hub outlines the overall approach and actions that Colegio Bolivar (CB) will take in the event of an extended campus closure due to political/social events or potential issues related to our school community’s health and safety as well as the possibility of using a hybrid model with sets of students attending school at any given time and the rest staying at home. The information presented in this document does not provide specific emergency/preventative protocols; those measures are established in CB’s Emergency Plan and would be communicated separately as needed. Rather, this document details the alternative means of education program delivery for Academic Continuity in the form of Distance or Hybrid Learning in the event of full or partial campus closure.

The term, Distance Learning, describes the experience students will have when school remains in session but when students and staff are unable to physically attend school because of campus closure. Hybrid Learning refers to the situation when students learn partly at school, face-to-face, and partly online, from home (distance). While Distance & Hybrid Learning cannot replicate onsite learning, our teachers have the capability to deliver powerful instruction that allows students to meet expected standards in an online/hybrid environment. The success of our ACP requires a strong partnership, which combines careful planning by our dedicated faculty, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for these alternative models of instruction. The result of such learning experiences will expand student academic progress and, equally important, attend to our students’ social and emotional wellbeing

The primary purpose of this document is to outline how CB will continue to offer an effective educational program through Distance/Hybrid Learning in the event of school complete/partial closure. Since the possibility exists that faculty and students could be outside of Colombia, and that connectivity may be an issue for some people, this plan takes into account the base assumption of our school providing a balance between asynchronous and synchronous learning environments. In order to accomplish this, the school takes into consideration the students’ developmental levels and the characteristics of the different areas/courses.

We have designed our ACP to address the following general scenario:

  • Asynchronous/synchronous times to ensure the opportunity for all students to learn.
  • Extended flexible timeline for Distance Learning delivery, anywhere, from a few days to multiple weeks/months.
  • Alternating situations (home and school) following a hybrid learning model.

Additionally, our ACP will define the following:

  • Implementation procedures to conduct school remotely (partly or completely) until resumption of normal operations, with detailed expectations required of both teachers and families for the successful continuation of student learning and family communication; and
  • Section-level plans that address developmentally appropriate and meaningful student distance/hybrid learning experiences.

Official Communication Protocols to Inform the Community of Learning Model Use

Circumstances will vary when CB might close its campus, partially or completely, and implement this ACP. For example, in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, several days might pass before conditions have stabilized and building safety has been verified to the point that the implementation of this ACP would be appropriate. In emergencies such as viral pandemics, CB school leaders and the Board of Directors may anticipate campus closure and designate a specific date when distance learning will begin or when gradual and progressive return to school may be authorized.

The School Director will periodically send messages with updates to parents and faculty/staff appraising them of any pertinent information about when CB might reopen for regular classes. As with the determination to close campus, any decision to reopen school for regular classes will be made with the full consultation of our Board of Directors, following governmental regulations.

If CB decides to close campus, partially or completely, and implement our ACP, the Director will send an official communication to both parents and employees to make the announcement and establish a timeline for initiation. An exact date will then be designated when distance/hybrid learning will begin for CB students. The days preceding this designated date will be classified as workdays for CB’s faculty and staff, who will be expected to be on duty, either physically on campus or remotely, depending on circumstances and safety conditions and governmental regulations. Students will not ​attend school or be required to begin distance/hybrid learning until the date designated by the CB Director. In advance of ACP implementation, each section principal will prepare to share more specific information and guidelines with parents, while teachers will arrange to launch their classes on the designated platforms.   

CB Values – Pledge for Distance/Hybrid Learning for Students, Faculty/Staff, and Parents

Respect We will treat others as we like to be treated, regardless of the situation, the place, or the means of communication.
Integrity We will do the right thing even when nobody is watching us. Academic Integrity is expected.
Personal Best We will put in our best effort given the most challenging circumstances.
Curiosity We will take advantage of the opportunities that arise in distance/hybrid learning situations to always discover, question, and learn with passion.
Autonomy and Responsibility We will make good decisions and be responsible for our actions at all times.
Sense of Bolivar Community We will support one other, particularly during challenging times.
Social Commitment We will be committed citizens, taking all the necessary precautions, thinking not only of what’s best for us but also of what’s best for everybody else.