Parent´s Survey Results

The opinions and impressions of our Community are important to our educational process. Thank you for your valuable input!

We would like to thank the 420 respondents who took the survey about the implementation of our Academic Continuity Distance Learning Plan; they represent 45% of our families, which makes this information helpful to us as a school. We want to share with you the overall results:


It was great to confirm how positively you deem our efforts in properly communicating with you and your children. 89% of the respondents consider that it is very easy/easy to communicate with teachers, 88% think that the instructions given by teachers to students are very clear/clear, and 85% agree in that the overall communication from school has been very clear/clear.


It is comforting to realize that 84% of the parents who took the survey feel that their children are coping very well/well with the situation (wonderful resilience!) and that 82% are very satisfied/satisfied with the collaboration the school has shown during this time. Moreover, in spite of the circumstances, 82% still have felt like a part of our educational community during this pandemic.


79% of the answerers are very satisfied/satisfied with the support their children are getting from school, and 75% feel very confident/confident in supporting their children at home. It is a challenge but you have managed really well! 72% consider that their children are getting feedback from their teachers very frequently/frequently, something on which we will be working in the future so it is even more.

Students Performance and Parents’ Feelings

We understand why only 62% of the participants are very satisfied/satisfied with the distance-learning model because this is an undesirable situation. Even though just 53% feel very confident/confident about their children making progress during this distance-learning period, we can assure you that students are moving forward with their learning processes, something we expect will become more evident as you all receive the formal end-of-the-year reports. Last, we completely see why merely 50% feel that they are coping very well/well with their children learning from home. Again, this has been a significant change for all of us, one for which none of you were prepared.

Our Commitment as an Institution

We are taking all your feedback, and that of students and teachers, into consideration as we plan for what we will offer next year. We have learned a lot from this experience as we have done extensive research and benchmarking in terms of what high-quality schools worldwide have done well in reopening. We are providing training so our teachers are even more equipped with the knowledge and tools to meet the needs of their students in a distance learning or a hybrid/blended situation (alternating distance and face-to-face). We are considering the most likely scenarios and all the precautions that we would have to take to guarantee the conditions to offer a program of high quality that is viable, given the still somewhat uncertain circumstances. We will communicate these plans to all of you before matrículas and we will be available to answer the questions that might emerge.

Once again, we appreciate your trust in our professionalism and in our commitment to doing our very best, always thinking in what benefits the students under our care.