Instructional Technology Support

Technology Systems to Support Distance/Hybrid Learning at CB

The ICT Team will be available to support teachers, students, and parents, during school hours. Please contact the ICT Coordinator at

With regard to the school’s core technological and communications systems, CB offers the following Frequently Asked Questions to describe how we will address technical difficulties and communicate in the event this ACP is implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION ONE: Are the technology systems utilized in this plan the same as those that will be used during normal school operations?

ANSWER: Yes, CB’s technology systems are already built on cloud-based systems. That means these systems will continue to work from anywhere in the world, even during an emergency. CB’s data is not physically hosted on the school’s network, which means we can continue to use our systems during a crisis, even if buildings are damaged or our campus is inaccessible. Finally, each of our primary systems has multiple administrators, so they can be managed remotely (from anywhere, online) by more than one person, in the event that a system administrator is out of contact or unavailable.

QUESTION TWO: How will CB ensure that students have access to these systems from off-campus?

ANSWER: PP and P students will need to utilize devices from home, while MS and HS students should take their laptops home every night. In the event that campus closure seems likely, teachers would attempt to ensure all students in grades 6 through 12 bring their devices and chargers home. Also, most of our technology tools are not device-specific, which means students will be able to access learning through parental devices, phones, etc., if needed.  

QUESTION THREE: How can I request IT Tech. Support in the case I need it?

ANSWER: The IT Department will be available to support teachers, students and parents, during school hours. Please contact the ICT Coordinator at

QUESTION FOUR: How will CB communicate with parents, students, and faculty/staff in the event of an extended campus closure?

ANSWER:CB will continue to use the same channels it employs for normal day-to-day communications with parents, students, and faculty/staff. All of these systems are remotely accessible and will function in an emergency situation. The table below describes these systems:

Channel Audience Description & Access
Email Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students Email will be used for all major communications and announcements, including those from the School Director and section principals. Faculty will also use email to communicate, although they will use other platforms to interact with their students as well.
Institutional WhatsApp Chat and Groups Parents/ Employees All notifications to the school community related to important health and/or safety issues will be communicated only by the School Director, who serves as the official spokesperson for institutional news and information. 
Schoology Teachers across all sections/ Students/ Parents Schoology will continue to be our LMS


PP and up to 3rd grade teachers/ students

PP and up to 3rd grade teachers and students will use Seesaw for a variety of purposes to supplement our LMS
Google Classroom Resources P, MS, & HS Teachers/Students P (from 4th grade up), MS, & HS teachers and students will use Google resources for a variety of purposes to supplement our LMS
PowerSchool Teachers/Students/ Parents The PowerSchool portal will be available for parents (2nd through 12th grade) who can access it from CB’s public website.
Public Website General Public CB will maintain general information on its closure status for the public at  

Note: Special acknowledgements to Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogotá, the American School in Japan, and Shanghai American School for generously sharing their their Distance Learning Plan foundational documents and learnings, from which this plan was developed.