Recommendations and Updates

Zoom is the tool chosen by Colegio Bolívar for distance communication between teachers and students. We share important aspects to take into account.

General Recommendations

1. Join the meeting using your Name to be easily identified.
2.  Enable the camera.
3.  Disable all notifications and any other program that might distract your attention from the meeting.
4. Find an appropiate place: where you feel comfortable, the bed or sofa are not recommended

  • That does not generate distractions
  • Have adequate lighting, not too dark nor too bright

5.  Dress casually but appropriately .
6.  Focus on the meeting.
7.  Place the camera at eye level

  • Look at the person who is speaking
  • Look towards the camera so that others perceive that the attention is focused on them.

8.  Avoid making noises with paper or other items. Microphones are very sensitive and pick up any noise.

  • Keep the microphone muted while you are not intervening.

9. Refrain from taking a photo (screenshot) of meeting participants.
10. Always end the meeting using the end meeting button.

Recommendations for parents and students

1.  Always join the meeting from Schoology or by clicking on the meeting link.
2.  Don’t share the meeting link with anyone.
3.  Always log out at the end of the day.
4. Always update when Zoom reports a new version.
5. Always end the meeting using the end meeting button.

Versión 5,0 Update

  • Zoom has been developing enhancements to fix privacy and security issues.
  • Version 5.0 update has rolled out to address some of the many complaints that Zoom has faced in recent weeks. Many of these changes are responses to stop “Zoombombing”, where pranksters join Zoom calls and broadcast inappropriate content.
  • With this new update, there’s now a security icon that groups together a number of Zoom’s security features. You can use it to quickly lock meetings, remove participants, restrict screen sharing and chatting in meetings, enable Waiting Room, and more.
  • This release delivers one of the most advanced security enhancements with support for encryption, which provides added protection for meeting data and greater resistance to tampering.
  • This provides confidentiality and integrity assurances on your Zoom Meeting. A new encryption shield appears in the upper left of your Zoom Meeting window and indicates a secure, encrypted meeting.

We are requesting you to update your installed version

Instructions for updating Zoom

Please contact ICT Support in case you need help.