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At Home

Responsibilities At Home
Health & Wellness in Medical Service


Please note that if the student presents symptoms associated with COVID-19, he/she should remain at home and consult the Health Care Provider to rule out the presence of the disease and receive medical guidance.

If you as a parent or someone else in the family suspects that you have COVID-19, please refrain from sending the student to school until you have ruled out the presence of the disease; this helps us to cut the chain of transmission of the virus.


Parents must commit to actively participate in identifying signs and symptoms among household members, using the PowerSchool platform daily and before leaving home, in order to identify symptoms and remain at home until they receive care from their health care provider.

The PowerSchool platform has been adapted to track the health conditions of your child and all students and school’s employees. Its use is mandatory and must be done on a daily basis.


Parents will be informed by the Transportation Coordinator of the locations and times for pick-up and drop-off of students using the transportation service. Route information and pick-up times will be sent in a separate communication. Families using the transportation service will continue to be able to use the OnTrack application to monitor pick-up and drop-off times. All biosafety protocols will be implemented for the transportation service. OnTrack will be available to all parents.


Children requiring accompaniment must arrive at the school with a healthy adult over 18 years of age who has not had close contact with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

All self-care measures recommended by national and local health authorities should be strengthened at home.