Hand Washing and Hygiene

Hand Washing and Hygiene

When to perform hand washing with soap and water:


After contact with surfaces that may have been contaminated by another person (door handles, handrails, locks, transportation).

When hands are visibly dirty.

Before and after going to the restroom.


After sneezing or coughing.

Before and after using face mask.

After removal of gloves in cleaning, disinfection and waste handling processes.


Hand washing should last a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds.

Provide frequent hand washing stations in common areas.

The school’s campus has reminders of the hand washing technique installed in the different areas set up for this activity.


Hand hygiene with glycerin alcohol should be performed as long as the hands are visibly clean.

Provide points with glycerin alcohol in places that are easily accessible and frequented by the community.

Regularly clean and disinfect containers that dispense glycerin alcohol.

Steps for proper hand washing