Health Prevention Fundamentals for COVID-19

Health Prevention Fundamentals

We must all assume our collective responsibility to keep the Bolivar Community protected and in good health!

4 Keys to Self-care

Always practice the 4 keys to self-care: staying home as much as possible, properly wearing a mask, frequent hand sanitization, and physical distancing.

Collective Responsibility

Collective community responsibility for the care of others: maintaining appropriate biosecurity behavior in our family, social, and school environment.

Health & Wellness

Complying with the institutional traceability guidelines for the monitoring of conditions associated with COVID-19: immediate reporting, preventive isolation and delivery of complete and truthful information.

Prevention Practices

We have responsibly implemented preventative biossecurity protocols and practices in order to reduce the risk of contagion of COVID-19 on our campus. 

We must all maintain proper biosecurity behavior in our family environment and at the school.