On Campus

On Campus


The use of lockers will be allowed, implementing strategies to avoid overcrowding.

Staff and students will maintain a physical distance, staying 1 meter away from each other throughout the day.


All restrooms and hallways will be monitored throughout the day, maintaining mandatory health and safety guidelines, ensuring that social distancing is maintained and preventing different cohorts of children from coming into contact with each other.

Water shall be available. Under no circumstances should food be shared. All food should be discarded after eating; uneaten food should not be returned home. Students will follow government protocols for eating food on campus.


Parents should send children to school with at least two spare face masks. All face masks must be of good quality, three-ply, close-fitting, disposable or reusable. They must cover the nose and mouth up to the chin. They should not be exhalation valve face masks (see proper use of face masks – General biosafety measures).


Parents are encouraged to send with their children a small personal bottle of disinfecting agent (gel or alcohol), as well as tissues or wipes. The school will make these available in classrooms, restrooms, hallways and other public places, but it is strongly recommended that children have their own personal toiletries.

If your child shows symptoms or becomes ill, Colegio Bolivar has clear procedures for handling suspected cases and isolation units available. In all cases, the privacy and confidentiality of the student and family will always be maintained.

  • Whenever possible, keep doors and windows open (especially in administrative offices) to achieve natural air exchange.
  • Evaluate and adapt the ventilation conditions and maximum capacity of work, study and rest areas to minimize the risk of contagion.
  • The necessary adaptations will be made to allow adequate ventilation in the different spaces (in coordination with the Maintenance area).
  • Will favor all work and wellness activities that are possible to execute in open spaces and with physical distancing.
  • If possible, take your rest time outdoors.

In enclosed areas, the following must be taken into account:

  • Site ventilation and compliance with the physical spacing of 1 meter.
  • In addition to natural ventilation with open doors and windows, fans without air recirculation may be used.
  • Ensure proper air circulation. In case artificial a ventilation system is required, it is recommended that the system works in the maximum air renewal and minimum recirculation mode.
  • Periodic inspection of the filters used and their replacement in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • It is not recommended to remain for long periods of time (more than 120 mins) in closed spaces without adequate ventilation.
Classroom scheduling
  • Pre-Primary and Primary students will remain in their cohorts throughout the day.
  • During the 5-minute recess break and before each period, students will receive a disinfectant and paper towel to wipe down their work space.
  • Classrooms will be disinfected regularly throughout the day when not in use.
  • Teachers will be at the classroom doors or in the back hallways to monitor the physical distancing of students moving from one group to another.
  • Students will be asked to pass along the buildings to the west in one direction and to the east behind the classrooms in an alternate direction.
  • Circulation times will be staggered.
  • The different classrooms and classroom spaces will be disinfected before and after use, as well as the elements used whose rotation should be restricted as much as possible.
Staff rooms

The use of the staff rooms is permitted, applying the protocols of physical distancing and respecting the capacities that are described at the entrance of each room. Food eating is not allowed inside these rooms.


The following areas of the Library may be used for classes according to the maximum seating capacity below:

  • Colgate: 22 people at the computers
  • Propal: 50 people
  • Swall: 84 people
  • Reference Room: 14 people (12 at the tables and 2 at the computers)
  • Primary School Library: 18 people (12 at the tables and 6 at the computers)
  • Conference Room: 8 people
  • Other areas of the Library may be used by students or teachers while maintaining physical distancing, respecting table signage.
  • Teachers may only check out books for classes at this time.
  • The Library will be disinfected after the use of each space.
Signage and messages

Signs will be installed throughout campus reminding people of the measures to follow to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Practice physical distancing
  • Proper use of face mask
  • Hand-washing technique
  • Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces
  • Stay home if you are sick or have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
Vendors and Visitors
  • Disinfection protocols (biosecurity measures) shall be implemented for the supplies and products received, in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of local and national health authorities, to avoid altering or affecting their physical or chemical conditions.
  • No visits allowed. ASOPADRES (Parents Association) shall not organize any activity since the entrance of parents is restricted.
  • A schedule shall be established for the delivery of supplies by vendors at specific times, so that several vendors are not present at the same time and physical distancing is guaranteed.
  • Vendors must comply with biosecurity protocols for the delivery and reception of materials and goods during their stay at the school’s facilities.