Outside Areas

Outside Areas 


Colegio Bolivar will control the access and use of common spaces such as: gymnasiums, green areas, playgrounds, kids play areas, sports fields, restrooms, food consumption areas and meeting rooms.


Colegio Bolivar will disinfect and clean external areas, restrooms, high traffic areas, handrails, and high contact places such as electrical outlets, among others, with greater frequency. 


Shifts and schedules will be assigned to guarantee staggered arrival and departure times, and for the use of areas for hygiene, rest, eating, meeting rooms, among others.


The exit and entry routes to and from these areas will be monitored to prevent people from crossing.

Note on green areas

The SARS-CoV-2 virus does not spread as easily outdoors, for this reason, we will encourage the use of learning strategies in open spaces. They are not only offered for a change of classroom but also because they facilitate physical distancing and are comfortable and healthy spaces. We will divide the green areas of the school for the sections. The Pre-Primary, Primary and the baseball field will be delimited so that students can have their break or take their classes in those areas.