Giving to Bolivar

The Colegio Bolivar Endowment Fund supports Master Facilities and Program Enhancement Projects. We genuinely appreciate your gift to the Endowment Fund, a demonstration of your continued confidence in Colegio Bolivar.

Welcome to Giving

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Giving to Colegio Bolivar. We invite you to learn more about this important program aligned with our Strategic Plan to invest in the future of our school, enabling it to improve every year.

“Over the last 69 years, Colegio Bolivar has been recognized as an educational leader dedicated to inspiring excellence, fostering intercultural competence, and empowering students to become engaged and ethical citizens.

As our community evolves, the school must take critical steps to move forward and ensure that it continues to offer the best learning experience possible for many years to come. This implies securing new financial resources through a fundraising program that supports institutional progress.

Consequently, Colegio Bolivar established its Endowment Fund Program, Giving to Bolivar, to assure the continued development of our strategic vision, maintaining and continually enhancing our physical and technological infrastructure and educational programs to meet the highest and most rigorous standards of quality.

It is only with the participation of all stakeholders- current and past parents, students, alumni, corporate and bondholder partners, and friends- that Colegio Bolivar can reach its goals and achieve its vision for tomorrow. Colegio Bolivar is widely recognized as one of the best schools in the country, but there is even more that must be accomplished to become an Exemplary Learning Community in Latin America.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you about the importance of giving to Colegio Bolivar. If you have any questions, comments or would like to make a gift, please contact Mrs. Mathilde Daireaux de Guzmán, Community Affairs Director.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to support the future of our school impacting the Bolivar community today and for many generations to come.”


Joseph Nagy, Ed.D.

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Learn more about our current and future Projects and join the Giving to Bolivar Program: an opportunity to be part of a stronger and more dynamic Colegio Bolivar Community.
Creating the Future... Together!

The future of our school and Colombia is in the capabilities we bestow to today’s young people so as to nurture their understanding and help to shape agents of change and future leaders for a better world. The Colegio Bolivar Endowment Fund supports Master Facilities and Educational Strategic Program Enhancement Projects that guarantee institutional progress.

Our Strategic Plan will serve as our guide through the year 2022 with new and innovative ways to establish Colegio Bolivar as an exemplary educational community. Our program - Giving to Bolivar - will support long-term projects that impact the community for years to come and transform Colegio Bolivar into a leading educational institution.

The improvement of Colegio Bolivar’s facilities will foster cutting edge instructional practice that offer students the finest educational tools available to achieve academic excellence and personal growth. We will build dynamic spaces with the most appropriate resources and technology in order to maintain the high standards of our educational program and provide an environment of learning and experiences essential to a holistic education. Finally, we will improve, enrich and innovate our pedagogy to provide our students with a wide range of cutting edge programs so that they may become active and successful participants in the 21st century with the means to distinguish themselves as Vallecaucanos, Colombians and Global Citizens.

Joseph Nagy, Ed.D.

“Evolution in education is something dynamic. Schools always have to evolve always have to change because that the human nature for one and second is we always have to be trying new ways, new ideas, new strategies to improve our teaching to improve our educational system.”

Luisa Fernanda Cadavid
Alum ´91 y CB Parent

“The School belongs to all of us. The Bolivar Community is real, the Bolivar Community exists. It is our responsibility as a Community to support and contribute to bring Bolivar to its next level.”

Scott Jeffery
Alumni ´79 y Founding Family

“Colegio Bolivar has all the elements to remain a leading world class educational institution. Education is one of the key pillars to our evolution as individuals, as a community, an effort is a very important investment of time and as members of this Community we should contribute the Program Giving to Bolivar.”

Our Strategic Projects

Projects supported by the Colegio Bolivar Endowment Fund

Master Facilities Plan Projects

Master Facilities Plan Stages

  1. Physical Education Complex and first phase parking lot
  2. Arts and Science Center
  3. Auditorium and second phase parking lot

The new infrastructure provides more appropriate teaching and learning spaces, drives our program development and elective courses offerings, and enables curriculum exploration avenues that foster innovation and creativity. It is an integral component of the conditions of learning, its layout and design contributes to the educational experience of all community members. To view details of the architectural design click here.

Physical Education Complex

Based upon program needs and area distribution, in July 2016, the school initiated the first stage of the Master Facilities Plan with the construction of the Physical Education Complex. The 8,200 m2 facility that consists of three levels is projected to be completed in approximately two years. The PE Complex comprises three modules. The first one includes a coliseum with the main court, gymnastics room, aerobic and fitness rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms, auxiliary rooms, faculty offices, a snack shop and storage areas. The other two modules will include two covered multi-purpose courts, a semi-Olympic pool, an instructional pool and parking lots.

Swimming Pool Area

The updated swimming pool area became fully operational in August 2017. The area includes the newly renovated existing pool, the construction of the children’s pool, and improved dressing areas and bathrooms. Additionally, it has a nice terrace overlooking the sports fields. The inauguration was held in February 2018.

Program Enhancement Projects

Donor Recognition

Your generosity Makes a Difference!

For Colegio Bolivar to continue improving, it needs the financial support of its Community. Every gift counts to ensure the needs of future generations and realize Colegio Bolivar’s mission well into the 21st century.

We genuinely appreciate your gift to the Endowment Fund, a demonstration of your continued confidence in Colegio Bolivar.

Program Enhancements Projects & Master Facilities Plan Projects

Giving to Bolivar Program
Our goals and vision for tomorrow will be possible with the contribution of:

Bolivar Donor's CircleRecognition
$100.000.000 and up
Azcárate Rivera e hijos Ltda.
Colombina S.A.
Familia Barberi Ospina
Finesa S.A.
$10.000.000 - $49.999.999
Catalina & Sofía Rubio
Familia Correa Navia
Familia Guzmán Daireaux
Joseph & Connie Nagy
Juan José & Julián Arellano Buitrago
Luciana Correa
Organización DELIMA S.A.
$1.000.000 - $9.999.999
Class of 2017
Class of 2026
Class of 2027
Claudia Solorzano
Edgar Cortés
Familia Arellano Buitrago
Familia Mejía Giraldo
Familia Rebolledo Ocampo
Familia Vallecilla Patiño
Juan Manuel Puerto
Lukas Garcés
Roberto Klinger
Tere Tapiero
$500.000 - $999.999
Familia Poggio Barona

Inauguration of Secondary Classroom Building (Block J)

Donor Recognition

José Felix Böhmer, Vicepresident of the Board of Directors, Luis Gutiérrez, President of the Board of Directors and Dr. Nagy, Director. (Inauguration Block J, January 22, 2009)