ABC Program

We have finished the first year of implementing our ABC, Always Building Community program, with the support of consultant Dr. Maria Clara Cuevas. It was very important to synchronize all of the stakeholders to the idea of strengthening the positive interactions among the members of our community.

There is increasingly more awareness of what is or is not tolerable, of what needs to be done in case of an in school intimidation situation, of whom to look for help, etc. Within the framework of ABC, we continue integrating to our daily practices in the school in a coordinated manner, the programs and initiatives we had been using (affectivity handling with the counselors, TRIBES, Pilares de Vida, among others) so that our students will have more tools to manage conflict and bullying situations.

We will continue monitoring the effects of ABC in our institution with the Leadership Group which has representatives from students, teachers, parents, counselors, and the administration. With this project we are a step ahead of the legal requirements that the Colombian government will put into effect next year.

We invite you to continue building community, day by day!