About us


Colegio Bolivar has been accredited since 1961 by AdvancED, the world’s largest educational institutions accrediting body that accredits 36,000 educational institutions in 70 countries with the highest standards of educational quality. In the 2018 – 2019 school year, Colegio Bolivar was visited by the AdvancED Engagement Review team for our five-year accreditation. Our institution was highly recognized for significant developments in our pedagogy and our clear alignment with the implementation of our Strategic Plan through 2022.

Our Results

The outstanding results Colegio Bolivar earned in the AdvancED reaccreditation places us in the top 5% of schools worldwide, and our Index of Educational Quality (IEQ) was 369 out of 400. It is significantly above average (278- 283) from all internationally accredited institutions, which reaffirms our commitment to continuous improvement.

Colegio Bolivar exemplifies the commitment to continuous improvement.

Reaccreditation visit AdvancED report (2019)

The Feeling of Our Community

This achievement was the result of a joint effort from stakeholders at Colegio Bolivar (Board of Directors, faculty, staff, students and parents), where the focus has been to provide an educational environment that supports our mission and vision for the future, strengthening our strong sense of belonging, and cultivating our culture of community, in order to continue growing as an Exemplary Learning Community.

The impact of Colegio Bolivar community is inspiring.”

Reaccreditation visit AdvancED report (2019)

Aspects highlighted in the AdvancED Report

The fact that the AdvancED Engagement Review Team has affirmed that “Colegio Bolivar exemplifies the commitment to continuous improvement” just motivates us to continue working harder in meeting the needs of our students and constructing even deeper opportunities for learning. Ninety-three of the standards assessed by AdvancED are at the “Impact” level, the highest level of performance, which reflects our school’s effective pedagogy. This result reaffirms the commitment from all levels of our educational community with the school’s own mission and continuous improvement goals. Other features of our educational community were also rated as having an outstanding impact. These features mark a difference in our professional practice and organizational culture.

  • Effective and passionate leadership which leads to high expectations for all levels.
  • Promoting a strong sense of community and strong relationships.
  • Dedicated to creating opportunities for true professional learning for all.
  • Transforming spaces, transforming possibilities.

The Engagement Review team from AdvancED demonstrated that these institutional characteristics develop the potential of our students: Integral citizens who make a difference and positively impact society.