About us

Mission & Vision

Colegio Bolivar, An Educational Community

Colegio Bolivar, an Educational Community, was founded in 1947 in Cali, Colombia as a private, coeducational, non-confessional and non-profit foundation. Ever since, it has provided a bilingual, bicultural, and binational type education serving the children of Colombian nationals seeking this type of education, as well as North American families and other foreign residents. 

Colegio Bolivar’s high standards of educational quality exemplify our commitment to continuous improvement. Currently, the school offers a college preparatory education to nearly 1,400 students in English and in Spanish from Preprimary through grade 12. The institutional characteristics and rigorous curriculum prepare students to enter the world’s most competitive colleges and universities, developing their potential to become integral citizens who make a difference and positively impact society.

Colegio Bolivar’s curricular and extracurricular programs come from Colombian and North American traditions and comply with the most demanding standards of both countries. In addition to a group of highly qualified local teachers, most of them bilingual, the school has a numerous group of teachers hired abroad. English is the language in which children are educated since first grade; however, Spanish language and Colombian culture are an integral part of the educational program.

Our Mission

What do we want?

Colegio Bolivar is a bilingual community of creative learners which inspires its members to live our school values as catalysts of change who incorporate multiple perspectives and commit to the highest aspirations for the welfare of the individual, society, and Earth.

Bilingual Environment

A Bilingual Environment is one that fosters, within the educational community, the development of the ability to communicate properly, orally and in written form, both in English and in Spanish, with the possibility of having greater skills in one language. Simultaneously, a sound understanding of the cultures, which are linked to these two languages, is constructed within this environment.


Is understood as the result of the students’ process of construction (self/development) of him/herself as a social being, based on a clear ethical and moral foundation and of their processes of learning and cognitive development, with the support of the family and the educational institution. This process is framed in a socio-cultural context whose norms become compulsory reference points.

Commitment to Excellence

Refers to the development of the abilities and possibilities of each student so that with their effort and commitment they can give their personal best towards a life project that is meaningful and flexible. This process is mediated by the students’ interactions with others and aims both towards the collective and the individual well-being.

Commitment to the Highest Aspirations

Commitment to the highest aspirations for the welfare of both the individual and society is understood as having a collective identity where solidarity is present, giving individuals or groups their due responsibilities within society.

Spirit of Inquiry

Spirit of inquiry refers to the students’ drive (interest) to learn, reason, think creatively, make decisions, and search for solutions to problems, which allows analysis and communications of results.

Democratic Environment

A democratic environment promotes a peaceful coexistence, a responsible and constructive participation in the democratic processes and the respect for plurality and difference both in the immediate and the broader contexts.

Our Vision Statement

Where do we want to go?

Colegio Bolivar will be an exemplary learning community with individuals highly prepared to positively impact Earth and society.

Exemplary Learning Community

Is composed of various members (Students, Parents, Teachers, Employees and Management Team, Board of Directors, Founding Members, and Alumni) working jointly in a continuous improvement and learning process towards greater excellence, seeking innovative ways to establish a position of leadership amongst high quality educational institutions in Latin America.

Highly Prepared Individuals

Active members of our community who are committed to personal growth and strive to always give their best in order to be preeminent in their field.

Positively Impact Society

Exemplifying Bolivar values through actions that demonstrate social and environmental consciousness, including both an individual and a collective commitment to our community, country and world.