About us

School Profile

Colegio Bolivar was founded in 1947 as a private, coeducational, non-confessional and non-profit foundation. Ever since it has provided a bilingual, bicultural and binational type education to the children of north American families and other foreign residents in Cali, as well as to those Colombian nationals seeking this type of education for their children.

Currently, the School offers to 1.200 students a college preparatory education in English and in Spanish from Preprimary through grade 12, comparable and compatible with the one offered by the best schools in this category, in Colombia, United States and abroad.

Along its history Colegio Bolivar has worked under the authority and support of its General Bond Holder Assembly, founding companies of the school. This Assembly elects a Board of Director’s of ten members, parents of children enrolled in school, who work for the fulfillment of the schools mission and goals.

Colegio Bolivar’s curricular and extracurricular programs come from Colombian and north American traditions and comply with the most demanding standards of both countries. Besides a group of highly qualified local teachers, most of them bilingual, the school has with a numerous group of teachers hired abroad. English is the language in which children are educated since first grade; however, Spanish language and Colombian culture are an integral part of the educational program. Colegio Bolivar prepares its students throughout its study programs, so they can continue their education in schools and universities of both countries.


The Bolivar Community supports its Mission through commitment to the following principles:

  • Education is the most valuable tool to improve the quality of life.
  • Democratic practice is a guiding ideal that fosters dialogue, respect and community.
  • Intellectual excellence is to be supported by the school setting.
  • Language is central to learning.
  • The school has a responsibility to meet the needs and support the talents of individual students.
  • Social responsibility is the obligation of the educated person.
  • Community is built by fostering relationships based on care and trust among all of its members.

Six Qualities of the Graduate

  1. Utilize the processes, knowledge and values of scholarship.
  2. Apply and connect knowledge in order to think critically and creatively.
  3. Demonstrate bilingual proficiency in social and academic contexts.
  4. Exemplify positive personal values.
  5. Demonstrate the moral conscience and social responsibility of a proactive citizen.
  6. Interact with the world recognizing multiple perspectives.