Academic Focus

In the Primaria section we continue to guide our students toward Deeper Learning, framing our instruction to assure students construct meaning and build foundational understandings in all subjects. In Reading and Writing Workshop, students grow through choice and reflection and the application of the literary strategies that characterize lifelong readers and writers.  The Next Generation Science Standards provide a wonderful framework for Deeper Learning as well. Students engage in higher level thinking skills, apply understandings, and employ scientific practices. They also have opportunities to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenges structured by our Coordinator of Innovation, Katie Neal. In Math we have been using the San Francisco Units of Study in alignment with the Ontario Curriculum to support our students ‘development of mathematical thinking and the acquisition of the foundational skills. Students form a conceptual and operational base that supports their progress in more complex mathematical thinking throughout their school years.

Our Project Learning Studio class focuses on 21st Century citizenship and social studies competencies based on units created through Harvard’s School of Education. Our Project Learning Studio teacher uses these units as the backbone of his class, adding a studio dimension to the learning, and fomenting dialogue, reflection, and action around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. 

We usually have 5 groups per grade level in Primary with a maximum of 22 students per class. 

The Spanish teachers follow a workshop model for literacy and often use a project approach in their Social Studies in Spanish instruction.

Our special area teachers, ICT, Art, Dance, P.E. and Music teach for meaning and engagement and find opportunities to connect with the core academic areas as well.

Our teachers work with our instructional coach, Ana Maria Varela, and our Coordinator of Innovation, Katie Neal, throughout the school year to always grow in best educational practice and observe fidelity to the curricular standards.