Art Department Exposition

As every year, to finish the exhibitions in the Library, we were pleased to have the Colegio Bolivar Art Department with the most outstanding works of each section. We started with several examples of art printed on High School T-shirts that show a senior project that left a vivid impression among the attendees who were in the support of the theme, in addition to the visual contribution. We also have ceramic pieces made by hand by students of this section with unique motifs, as well as watercolors and pencil works.

Middle School joined with works in Chinese ink applied with a brush and with self-portraits made with acrylic paint. The Primary brings us different artistic projects where the students, using geometrical figures, drew colorful birds. In another grade of the same section, using mixed media, children made their creations from a scribble. On another level, they studied primitivism using pencil and colors, painting beautiful peasant paintings. Finally, the youngest made self-portraits where they could capture their tastes and family values.

This exhibition will always give an account of what our children and young people can achieve by expressing themselves through art.

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