Kindness Week & Anti-Bullying

The Colegio Bolivar Fifth Graders have been studying Bullying and Cyberbullying for about the last month. In the classroom, they learned about why bullying occurs, how we can sympathize and empathize with both the bullies and the bullied, and what to do if you find yourself the object of bullying. As well, we talked about being Upstanders and Bystanders, and how important a role each plays in the dynamics of bullying. Bullying takes many forms, and it affects every demographic, from children to adults. It is something persistent and egregious. We must do all we can to curb it and make our schools, homes, and avenues safe places for everyone. We all have a right to a peaceful and anxiety-free place to study, work, and enjoy.

The last couple of weeks, the Fifth Graders have put to use their immense artistic talents and creativity to use to create posters, arm bands, hats, t-shirts, and more FOR kindness and AGAINST bullying. These are displayed in the Colgate.

The week of March 26 to 29 is Kindness Week, each day an opportunity to show your colors and consider this important issue in many ways. On Friday the 29th, students will also have the opportunity to hear from all three sides of this equation: the bullied, the bullies, and the bystanders and upstanders.

Let’s all give all the Fifth Graders all of our gratitude for their work, their thoughtfulness, and their courage to deal with this sensitive topic.

However, words on posters and t-shirts will only mean something if we carry the important messages in our hearts.

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