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El Fondo de Desarrollo del Colegio Bolívar apoya el desarrollo del Plan Maestro de Infraestructura y los Proyectos Estratégicos Educativos que garantizan el progreso institucional. Agradecemos su contribución, testimonio de la confianza depositada en el Colegio Bolívar.

Giving to Bolivar

Our Strategic Projects

Projects supported by the Colegio Bolivar Endowment Fund

Master Facilities Plan Projects

Master Facilities Plan Stages

  1. Physical Education Complex and first phase parking lot
  2. Arts and Science Center
  3. Auditorium and second phase parking lot

The new infrastructure provides more appropriate teaching and learning spaces, drives our program development and elective courses offerings, and enables curriculum exploration avenues that foster innovation and creativity. It is an integral component of the conditions of learning, its layout and design contributes to the educational experience of all community members. 

Physical Education Complex

Based upon program needs and area distribution, in July 2016, the school initiated the first stage of the Master Facilities Plan with the construction of the Physical Education Complex. The 8,200 m2 facility that consists of three levels is projected to be completed in approximately two years. The PE Complex comprises three modules. The first one includes a coliseum with the main court, gymnastics room, aerobic and fitness rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms, auxiliary rooms, faculty offices, a snack shop and storage areas. The other two modules will include two covered multi-purpose courts, a semi-Olympic pool, an instructional pool and parking lots.

Swimming Pool Area

The updated swimming pool area became fully operational in August 2017. The area includes the newly renovated existing pool, the construction of the children’s pool, and improved dressing areas and bathrooms. Additionally, it has a nice terrace overlooking the sports fields. The inauguration was held in February 2018.

Program Enhancement Projects

World Class Teaching

A Professional Learning Community

An Educational Community with highly prepared professionals to provide students with the best possible learning in a joint effort with parents.


Bolivar Inter-Connected

Technological Platform which assures the integration of programs and state-of-the-art technology tools, in both the academic and student services context.

Academic Excellence

Bolivar Diverse

Differentiated and individualized instruction promoting excellent student performance in school, university, and professional levels.

Community Service

Bolivar Makes a Difference

Service Leadership of the Bolivar Community with a social commitment for the individual’s and society’s well-being.

We Believe in Bolivar

Commitment and joint responsibility of all stakeholders in our Bolivar Community with a shared vision.