Martin Felton Library


Our library aspires to be the heart of our school, offering a space where our community can solve information needs, access trusted sources, and discover the resources to fuel academic curiosity. More than just a room with books, our library is the gateway to exploring art, science, and culture, creating an inspiring and enriching environment for all.


Class Offerings: Information Search Sessions at the Library: Educators: Collaborate with Librarians to shape your classes. Explore our curated bibliographic collections for inquiries and research.

Database training: We make classroom visits to provide students with training in database management, with a special focus on EBSCOhost.

Traveling library: The library goes beyond its walls. We bring our resources to the classrooms so that students can develop their academic activities.

Guided visits to exhibitions: All year round, the library hosts exhibitions on a variety of subjects. Teachers have the option to arrange guided tours.

Cultural agenda: every quarter we offer various artistic activities and cultural events related to the world of books and literature.

Browse our catalog. Search for the resources you need, identify the material and request it from the library.


The Martin Felton Library has a collection of 30,000 bibliographic resources. These are our bibliographic collections:

  • Primary Collection
  • General Collection
  • Junior High Collection
  • High Fiction Collection
  • Comic Library
  • E-books (Kindle)
  • Senior project collection
  • Reference collection
  • Professional collection
  • Balance literacy collection