Policy Regarding The Processing of Personal Data


With the purpose of acknowledging the importance of the privacy and security of personal information, the Colegio Bolívar, a non-profit organization, created under the Colombian laws, in the city of Cali, which from now on will be referred to as “THE SCHOOL”, makes available to all potential parents and students, potential students, students, alumni, teachers, employees, clients, suppliers, allies and all others involved, referred to as “USERS”, the following Policy regarding the Processing of Personal Data.

This Policy establishes the terms, conditions and purpose under which THE SCHOOL performs the collection, storage, use, circulation, removal and processing of the personal data of all the before-mentioned persons in the previous paragraph, as well as the security conditions and confidentiality of this information, and establishes the procedures for the main user of the data or their representatives so that they may exercise their rights established under the protection laws of personal data.

Collecting Data

In order to comply with the mission of an Educational Institution, THE SCHOOL has collected, is collecting and will be collecting, with the consent of the main user, the following personal information: first and last names (including, when applicable, not only the student but also the legal guardian), NIT, date of birth, gender, mailing address, electronic mailing address, telephone number, national identification number, educational background, profession, occupation, experience, publications, awards, merits, hobbies, cultural interests (for example, musical, athletic), languages, applicable IVA tax category, and applicable ICA tax category and all those that are stipulated by law as personal and sensitive data. The main user of the data expressly accepts that THE SCHOOL stores, processes and utilizes this personal information, partially or completely, for the usage expressed in the law and by this policy.

Purpose of Data Policy

It is required to collect, store, use, circulate, share, process and/ or handle the processing of the personal information of the users in order to: (a) develop its legal educational mission in agreement with its statutes, (b) comply to the applicable laws for private education in Colombia, including but not limited to any requirement from the Ministry of Education or local authorities, (c) comply with the laws applicable to suppliers, including but not limited to tax laws, (d) comply to the laws applicable to ex employees, present employees and candidates as future employees, including but not limited to labor and social security laws, (e) market institutional programs, including educational and athletic, (f) facilitate the work of the Cafeteria and the Asociación de Padres de Familia (Parent´s Association) with access to the data base in order to fulfill their role within THE SCHOOL, (g) maintain contacts between alumni and professionals with similar interests, and (h) comply with all contractual responsibilities.

Security and Confidentiality

In order to guarantee the best privacy and confidentiality protection of the information, THE SCHOOL does its best effort by having competent staff, properly trained and authorized for processing information and having the adequate technology which supports these processes. These technological means added to the physical security which protects the site, offers reasonable protection according to the conditions and the annual budget, but they are not infallible. Any violation of confidentiality or attack against it which THE SCHOOL detects, will be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

Children and Adolescents under 18 years of age

The great majority of the students being educated are under 18 years of age and for this reason THE SCHOOL requires the personal information of these children and adolescents. THE SCHOOL will vigil over the correct usage of the personal information of the children and adolescents under 18 years of age, guaranteeing the respect when processing data in their own interests, assuring the respect of their rights.

Updating, Verifiying and Eliminating Personal Data

The main user of the information or its representative can log into the different information systems of THE SCHOOL to which they have access or fill out the form found at the end of this document in order to request the update, verification or elimination of the information found in our database, as well as revoke the authorization of its use. Also, you may address the person responsible for the custodian and processing of this personal data at the following address: Calle 5 No. 122-21, Cali.Telephone Number of THE SCHOOL: 4855050. The requests will be taken in the order in which they were received, and in the time frames of the law. The reply will be using the same method of contact, unless another means result to be more efficient and safer in each specific case.

Source of Regulation

This policy is governed by Colombian law. Especially the LEY 1581 of 2012 is applicable, regulated by Decree number 1377 of 2013 and concordant and complimentary regulations.

Validity And Deadlines

THE SCHOOL reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. Any changes will be informed and published in a timely fashion on the website www.colegiobolivar.edu.co.

Updating, Verifying or Elimination of Personal Data Form

We ask that you fill out the following form in order to request updates, verifications or to eliminate information in your data, as well as to revoke the authorization of usage.