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Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay

About Cali, Colombia

Santiago de Cali, the capital of the agriculturally rich Cauca Valley, is an easily navigated, modern city, characterized by a friendly population and a general sense of openness and space. With its year–round summer-like weather, Cali is an outdoor, sports oriented city. The active lifestyle includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, running, tennis, golf, swimming, and hiking, not to mention aerobics and fitness centers.

Restaurants of various kinds abound, many quite moderately priced. While the city is most famous for its night life, salsa dancing, and fun–loving citizens, the city also supports a symphony, a ballet troupe, various theater groups, and numerous movie theaters.


At the northern end of South America, Colombia is an extraordinarily beautiful country of varied geography: mountains, rain forests, cloud forests, snow–capped peaks, Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, and even deserts—an ideal location for traveling! The adventurous teacher can and does see much of this beautiful country.

Colombia is the oldest continuing democracy in Latin America, has one of the strongest economies on the continent and, given its human and natural resources, is a country with both an engaging history and limitless possibilities for the future.

At Colegio Bolivar, you will have a chance to work with and teach many of the children upon whom that future will depend.

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