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Foreign–hire salaries are very competitive within the region. All foreign-hire salaries quoted represent net dollars after all taxes and social security deductions have been made. Salaries are paid in Colombian Pesos (easily convertible to U.S. currency), and a teacher can expect to have significant savings. Colombia remains a moderate economy and, after day to day living expenses are met, a teacher can expect to save between 25 and 35%. It is important to point out, however, that at least some of these savings are often spent in major travel occurring during Christmas, Easter or summer vacations.


Foreign–hire teachers are provided with a local medical insurance plan with international coverage while traveling outside of Colombia. The school pays 100% of this medical plan.


Teachers receive round–trip air transportation to and from their point of origin at the beginning and end of their two year contract, and annually thereafter for each subsequent year of employment. A moving and baggage allowance is provided at the beginning and end of the contract.


Teachers live throughout the city in a variety of comfortable housing, ranging from modern apartments to townhouses. The school assists teachers in finding attractive and safe housing as well as with the overall process of settling in. The school provides a monthly allowance. The school provides each teacher with the basic furnishing for the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom.

Work Visa

The school pays 100% of the costs related to visa procurement. Vaccines and passports are the responsibility of each individual.

Professional Development

Colegio Bolivar encourages a number of different Professional Development opportunities:

  • Full and half day Professional Development days driven by our School Improvement Plan
  • Financial support for conferences in Colombia and abroad

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