Strategic Plan 2014-2022 Strategic Plan 2014-2022

By its very nature, Colegio Bolivar is an institution at the forefront in education. One of our main premises is to act focused on the future. We have designed our Strategic Plan that will lead us through the year 2022. This plan requires everyone's commitment and participation. It is a key process to finding new and innovative ways to consolidate as an exemplary Educational Community.

All Students, Parents, Teachers, Employees and Management Team, Board of Directors, Founding Members, and Alumni, and are critical to our success in accomplishing our goals. We want to reach a future that we can visualize together, a future that we will create! Read more

Our Mission - What do we want?

Colegio Bolivar is an educational community whose mission is to educate its students in a bilingual, democratic environment to be autonomous, to demonstrate a spirit of inquiry and collaboration, to uphold a commitment to excellence, and to maintain the highest aspirations for the welfare of both the individual and society. Read more

Vision Statement - Where do we want to go?

By 2022, Colegio Bolivar will be an exemplary learning community in Latin America, with individuals highly prepared to positively impact society.

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