New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning is the process of transferring knowledge and skills from the classroom setting to real-world situations.

We continue with the operationalization of the strategic plan goal to ensure that the curriculum and pedagogies used in our institution are dynamic and student centered.

We have further defined what Deeper Learning means to us as a community and to point out what in our instructional strategies really reflects that way of considering education. This work was validated in the report AdvancED gave us after the reaccreditation visit, leaving us with the challenge of ensuring that these practices are implemented, with increasing consistency, throughout our school.

After a profound reflection with all teachers around academic dialogue and communication as fundamental axes of our pedagogical task, we extend this emphasis for the new school year considering it from the perspective of collaboration (to be a good collaborator one must be a good communicator). This way we approach one more of the 6 Cs, simultaneously with the other so-called 21st Century Skills.

During the school year 2019 – 2020, at Open Houses and Principal Coffees, we will be expanding on how Deeper Learning is concretely evidenced in the classroom and, therefore, in the educational process of your children. Below, we share definitions of some of the topics that will be presented to you.

Deeper Learning:

Needs teachers as activators.
Educators who present “provocations” in the classroom which help students to be fully engaged.
Fosters a Growth Mindset.
Abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, generating a love of learning and a resilience that are essential for great accomplishment.
Promotes student voice and choice.
Instructional approaches and techniques that take into consideration student interests, passions, and ambitions.
Uses authentic assessments.
Multiple forms of assessment that reflect student learning, achievement, motivation, and attitudes on instructionally relevant classroom activities.

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