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Our Mission

Colegio Bolivar is an educational community whose mission is to educate its students in a bilingual, democratic environment to be autonomous, to demonstrate a spirit of inquiry and collaboration, to uphold a commitment to excellence, and to maintain the highest aspirations for the welfare of both the individual and society.

  • Bilingual Environment : A Bilingual Environment is one that fosters, within the educational community, the development of the ability to communicate properly, orally and in written form, both in English and in Spanish, with the possibility of having greater skills in one language. Simultaneously, a sound understanding of the cultures, which are linked to these two languages, is constructed within this environment.

  • Democratic Environment : A democratic environment promotes a peaceful coexistence, a responsible and constructive participation in the democratic processes and the respect for plurality and difference both in the immediate and the broader contexts.

  • Autonomy : Is understood as the result of the students’ process of construction (self/development) of him/herself as a social being, based on a clear ethical and moral foundation and of their processes of learning and cognitive development, with the support of the family and the educational institution. This process is framed in a socio-cultural context whose norms become compulsory reference points.

  • Spirit of Inquiry : Spirit of inquiry refers to the students’ drive (interest) to learn, reason, think creatively, make decisions, and search for solutions to problems, which allows analysis and communications of results.

  • Commitment to Excellence : Refers to the development of the abilities and possibilities of each student so that with their effort and commitment they can give their personal best towards a life project that is meaningful and flexible. This process is mediated by the students’ interactions with others and aims both towards the collective and the individual well-being.

  • Commitment to the Highest Aspirations : Commitment to the highest aspirations for the welfare of both the individual and society is understood as having a collective identity where solidarity is present, giving individuals or groups their due responsibilities within society.

Our Vision Statement

By 2022, Colegio Bolivar will be an exemplary learning community in Latin America, with individuals highly prepared to positively impact society.

See Strategic Plan 2014 - 2022

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