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Strategic Plan 2014 - 2022

The development of our Strategic Plan began with an analysis that involved all acting parties of the Bolivar Community, gathering the perceptions of all interest groups in order to identify needs, priorities, and future objectives. As a result of this diagnosis, we discovered that Colegio Bolivar is on the right track, and it is time to go to the next level, reaching further, accomplishing our main purpose, capitalizing on our achievements, and enriching our educational labor with the challenge of preparing new generations.

All of the above, solidly based on our current strengths and essential factors, will enable us to set the example in Latin America.

We continuously move through time: transforming the future with our own present; everything that we do is linked to our past and our daily experience. We have been preparing for a journey never undertaken before, to do what has never been done, breaking paradigms along the way.

For this journey, we need highly skilled staff and employees, motivated students, and parents deeply committed to their children’s education; thereby creating an Exemplary Learning Community.

To begin this Journey together, we must possess conviction and commitment, for that our Strategic Plan.Our way through 2022 is guaranteed accomplishing our Strategic Projects with conviction.

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