Consuelo Guzmán Exhibit


The Library would like to welcome Consuelo Guzmán and her exhibit to Colegio Bolivar. Ms. Guzmán has two children in School and has always found ways to channel her artistic talent and sensibility. Please take a moment to stop by and enjoy this small sample of her work.

In her own words, Ms. Guzman describes her work as follows:

In a world where objects quickly become obsolete and/or trash, there are few second chances. I wanted to give new "life" and make them part of a new story told.

I believe that like the collages, humans are the amalgamation of millions of life experiences that are defining us as unique individuals. The glue that binds these experiences can be love or even fear, depending on how each is linked; this is the most important choice we must continuously make. As with this technique, it is impossible to fill all the spaces in life; these are also part of our history.

Thank You

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