El Nido

Educational Project

Emerging Curriculum, based on in-depth projects and studies of concepts, ideas and interest which arise within the group.

The culture of the Atelier from the perspective of a grand workshop, where children can establish complex learning relationships, as they investigate, experiment, and create, interweaving the multiple symbolic languages of expression. (100 languages).

Documentation, as a tool to provide a verbal and visual trace of the children’s experiences and work, and opportunities to revisit, reflect and interpret.

Emphasis on the development of the child´s Native Language, reflecting the personal and cultural identity of the child and his or her communicative necessities.

Active learning of the English Language through riddles and games, play, songs, poetry and storybooks, supporting the bilingual process that is incorporated at Colegio Bolívar.

The environment as a third teacher, viewed as a living organism, a place of shared relationships, where children and the community feel at ease. Aesthetics, organization, thoughtfulness and communication are valued.

Two Professional Educators with degrees in Early Childhood and with an ample formation in the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, accompany each group of children in their emotional and cognitive development.

Our pedagogical project values Play, Body and Movement as a powerful language that allows children to communicate their way of being and being in the world.

The Value of Daily Life giving meaning, educational and emotional content to highlight the extraordinary moments that happen every day.

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