The high school at Colegio Bolivar has two counselors: Carlos Augusto Jimenez for grades 9 and 10 and Juan Manuel Caicedo for grades 11 and 12. Both counselors respond to the emotional, social, and academic well-being of the students. In order to fulfill this purpose, their range of actions may include teachers, parents, school administrators, and the community in general.

The counseling office in high school deals with all the needs in the lives of 9th to 12th graders. During this period of time, students undergo important changes in their social, affective, and future expectations. These demand greater social and academic responsibility. Finally, students need to visualize the expectations towards their university choice and employability.

Individual and group interventions are carried out with students and parents to help these youngsters be in charge of their academic lives, of their adolescence, and of the emotional experiences at their particular time in life. Specific topics such as sexuality and drug consumption prevention are broached to enhance awareness of risks and responsibility in accordance to their age. Special emphasis is made on respect, responsibility, and autonomy.

Our Always Building Community (ABC) program runs across the board. This program includes the topic of bullying prevention. This initiative has had a positive impact on our community, and we have learned significantly from this experience.

At Colegio Bolivar, we clearly demonstrate that bullying is not tolerated, and we strongly encourage positive manners towards all individuals. We support creating an environment of genuine respect and respectable treatment where all students may feel comfortable with their differences. We also take strict disciplinary measures when these expectations are abused.

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