We welcome you to the Preprimary section of Colegio Bolivar website. We feel it is a special section, the heart and joy of the school, where children are active learners all day long! Our staff is a passionate and devoted group of professionals who enrich our section with diverse talents and experiences. The teachers and their assistants have never ending patience and nurture the intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of our students, keeping the school’s mission alive.

Classes are delivered meeting the school curriculum standards, through developmentally appropriate expectations, always keeping the social and life skills in mind for each level. Our daily routines and experiences help the children develop lifelong habits of respect, understanding and compassion.

Our students learn through play and serious work both in the classroom and outside during free play; in the atelier, music class or PE and during special visits to learn about values and character education with our section counselors.

Grades: Kinder 4, Kinder 5 and 1st

Students: 273


  • 2 counselors
  • 14 homeroom teachers + 14 full time teacher assistants
  • 2 Spanish teachers
  • 3 fulltime special area (Music & P.E.)
  • 2 shared Librarians
  • 6 Learning Support Services teachers (shared with Primary)
  • 1 Atelier pedagogist
  • 1 Atelier teacher + assistant
  • 1 secretary
  • 1 office clerk

Principal: Odette Rumié

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