Principal's Corner

Primary, in alignment with the rest of our school, continually strives to implement practices that support our school’s mission and foment 21st century skills. For the 2018-2019 school year, we will focus on student engagement and higher-level thinking through academic dialogue. Our intention is to provide ever more meaningful opportunities for student voice in the classroom. Teachers and administrators will model active learning by researching and reflecting on theory and application strategies throughout the school year.

Students need a variety of opportunities to express themselves, hear the other, and be heard. Academic dialogue generates engagement and invites students to gain new perspectives. Besides this, students also need spaces to create community and warm connections. For this reason, all our homeroom teachers will also implement “Morning Meeting”. This is a brief period in the day dedicated to inclusion through a meeting with a round of sharing, community-building activities, and a message from the teacher.

In the scheduled Principal’s Coffees, we will have a dialogue space with parents to share ideas and information and assure we all work together purposefully and enthusiastically. Our “Sense of Bolivar Community”, one of our treasured values, unites and energizes us. We are very excited to begin!

Robin Perskie

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