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Our Mission Vision

As an English-speaking institution, seeking to inspire the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, we seek to offer the best possible experience to students in 6th through 12th grade from around the country. We wish to create open-minded and well-informed global citizens that will not only form part of the better world of tomorrow, but help build it. Furthermore, we wish to provide a unique environment with an emphasis on problem-solving, in doing so forming part of the global MUN community.

The Team

Meet the secretariat, in-charge of making CBMUN IV an unforgettable experience!

Senior Staff

Alejandro Hurtado

Secretary General

Antonio Robles

Under-Secretary General

Enrique Villegas

Chief of Logistics

Martin Rojas

Academic Coordinator

Junior Staff

Juan Jose Fajardo

Chief of Crisis

Emma Aristizabal

Chief of Press

Diego Mercado


Gabriela De Oliveira

Staff Advisor