El Nido

School Life

El Nido offers a high-quality early childhood education, where fundamental skills like critical thinking, reasoning, working with others and problem solving are developed in a nurturing environment. El Nido envisions children as active protagonists of their own learning, full of potential, competent and capable of building their own theories.

General Information

  • Independent Entrance and Parking.
  • Children ages 18 months to 4 years.
  • Transportation Service to and from school.
  • Offers balanced and nutritious snacks.
  • Service Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 12:00 m.
  • Calle Limoncillo Casa No. 57 – Road to Pance.

For additional information email elnido@colegiobolivar.edu.co or call (+602) 485 07 12.

Grade Levels

Nido 1

From 18 months.

Children turn two during the academic school year.

Nido 1 students enter school for  the first time to explore a new world outside of home. The children in Nido 1 are curious, observant, energetic, and tireless scientists. At this age colors, shapes, and textures begin to translate into words that help make sense of the world and their surroundings. Children at this age love to experiment, use their senses and begin to play with others, opening the door to the social world.

Averange Number of Students

Ratio 5 children to 1 adult.

Nido 2

Children turn three during the academic school year.

Children between 2 and 3 years old want to understand the world using all of their senses! Now, having friends is very important, but sometimes, they don’t know exactly how to make relationships. At this stage in their lives they are learning to use language to express their needs and emotions. The world of numbers and words are beginning to take on more meaning. Precision, coordination and strength in their graphic productions and motor experiences are all important aspects that will be introduced by a pedagogical accompaniment.

Averange Number of Students

Ratio 6 children to 1 adult.

Nido 3

Children turn four during the academic school year.

Children between the ages of 3 and 4 continue to explore the world, understanding that it is full of  things to learn. Now their friends have become accomplices and they are able to sustain longer conversations with their peers. They now become more experts at drawing, coloring, cutting and painting. During the school year, children will also strengthen listening skills, work on fine and gross motor processes, approach the concept of numbers (counting, number and quantity) and the recognition of symbols such as letters and numbers.

Averange Number of Students

Ratio 8 children to 1 adult.